The cause of LED Moving head light flashing

2020-09-03 10:55

A variety of problems may occur during the use of LED Moving head light. In the last article, we introduced the cause of led light damage. Today, we will introduce the reason why LED light sometimes flash.

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There will be various problems in the use of LED Moving head light. In the last article, we introduced the reasons for the damage of the led lights. Today we will introduce why the led lights sometimes flicker.

The cause of LED Moving head light flashing:

In life, human eyes can perceive the flicker at a frequency of 70HZ, but not at a frequency greater than 70HZ. Therefore, in the early lighting of led lights, if the frequency of occurrence is lower than 70Hz, human eyes will feel the light. Blinking.

Of course, in specific applications, there are many kinds of LED lights that may cause flicker. For example, in offline low-power LED lighting applications, there is a relatively common power supply structure that is an isolated flyback topology. The sine-square-wave power conversion of the converter does not provide constant energy. The dynamic self-powered circuit may be activated and cause light flicker. In order to avoid this problem, we must make the primary bias in each half cycle Partial discharge, correspondingly, it is necessary to appropriately select the value of the capacitance and resistance that constitutes the deception circuit, otherwise it may also cause light flicker.

There is also a situation, that is, in the use of LED drivers that provide excellent power factor correction and support dimming, an electromagnetic interference filter will also be required. The transient current caused by the TRIAC step will excite the inductance and capacitance in the EMI filter. Natural resonance, if the resonance characteristics cause the input current to drop below the current maintained by the TRIAC, the TRIAC will be turned off and then turned on again. This will cause visible LED flicker after repeated many times.

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