the history of stage light

2020-05-22 11:35

The history of stage light

The colorful and unpredictable lighting effect of thestage light is people's first impression of the dance hall. 

These effects come from a wide variety of professional stage lighting. This is what people call stage lighting

Early dance halls had simple stage lighting, with spotlights, downlights, rain lamps, and heavy, mechanical rotating lights. With the development of electronic technology, simple sound-controlled mechanical lights have appeared, which can reflect patterns, change colors and change the Angle of light. But these lamp are alone action, cannot accomplish neat and uniform.

came 20 centuries 80 time appeared the new lamps that illuminative technology and computer technology combine, name is computer lamp. 

Computer lamp can a few, a few dozens, even a hundred together according to lamplight design request commutation design, colour, its speed can be fast can be slow, its scene magnificent magnificent, make a person astonish.

The appearance of computer lamp is a leap in the development history of stage, film and television, entertainment light, and also makes people have a new understanding of lighting technology.